Get to Know Our Founder – John Filippi

As owner and founder of Minnesota Fillet Knife, growing up in the Minnesota “heart of lakes country”, I spent my days ice fishing and summer angling with my father and brothers.

Fond childhood memories include long evenings of cleaning Sunfish, Crappies, Walleyes and Northern Pike from the days catch. With our abundant catches of fish, at a young age I learned the value of having a sharp fillet knife. It was during these evenings when the seed of an idea formed… a fillet knife that could clean fish all evening without dulling.

Through years of countless knife productions, crafting, and trial and error, I developed the one-of-a-kind “Minnesota Fillet Knife.” I designed not only one knife, but a collection of knives for all filleting needs that leave the headaches of dulling blades and countless trips to the re-sharpening strap in the past.

Today, I continue to make my home in the heart of lake country with my wonderful family. My need and love for knife making has created a unique and wonderful experience for me. Try one of these knives, and you will see the joy of filleting fish again. This will be the last fillet knife you ever buy.

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