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“I love my MN Fillet Knife. I purchased the trout blade for the express reason to fillet crappies. Works great. Sharp, small and compact, easy to throw in my tackle box.”
Colorado Springs, CO

“I bought one for my father for Christmas; he loves it, brags about how sharp it is constantly. Worth every dime I paid for it.”
Bemidji, MN

Warranty/Return Policy
Minnesota Fillet Knife, LLC products are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship under normal household use. Knives may be returned within 30 days of purchase for full refund. Any piece found to be defective will be repaired or replaced at no charge with the same item or an item of equal or greater value within 1 year of date of purchase.  This warranty is not valid for products damaged by misuse, for purposes other than normal filleting use. In no event is Minnesota Fillet Knife, LLC liable for consequential damages.

Minnesota Fillet Knife – Sharp Blade – Handmade - Beautiful

At Minnesota Fillet Knife, LLC we realize that a good knife begins with a good blade. We only select steel that is:

  • Of the highest quality
  • Free of defects & impurities
  • Has a Rockwell hardness-test ranging in the upper 50s.

John has chosen four time-tested blade patterns that provide the outdoors person with everything they need in a fillet knife.

"Trout Series"
A light blade ideal for Trout as well as Sunfish and Crappies, slicing through them like the proverbial "hot knife through butter." It has a unique upward curved design, allowing the user to de-bone the ribcage and skin the fillet with a gentle flick of the wrist. It has a blade length of 5 3/4" with an overall length of 10 ½".

  • Alfalfa (Green/Black)
  • Cardinal (Red)
  • Arctic Skipper (Black)
  • Monarch (Maroon Variations)
  • Red Whisker (Red/White)
  • Crow’s Nest (Black/Maroon)
Trout Series Knife - Red Whisker

"King Salmon"
As the name implies this is a big fillet knife for the big fish. Primarily for Salmon... it can also be used for other large fish. This knife features a blade of 10.5" with an overall length of 16". The blade is firm with plenty of flex to negotiate around the toughest fish.

  • Prairie Smoke (Black/Maroon)
  • Goatsbeard (Red/White)
  • Turtlehead (Black/Silver)
Classic Series Knife - Cattail

"Classic Series"
This smaller version of the "King Salmon" offers the same sharp punch. It bolsters a 7 5/8" blade with an overall length of 12". It is a great all-around fillet knife featuring the same laser sharp edge as the rest of the Minnesota Fillet Knives.

  • Twisted Stalk (Black/Maroon)
  • Foxtail (Burnt Orange)
  • Cattail (Green)
  • Cranberry (Red)
  • Beargrass (Black)
Classic Series Knife - Cattail

"Panfish Series"
Panfish Series Knife - Crowsnest A light blade idea for any panfish: Crappies, Sunnies, Wipers. You name it, this knife is perfect for these great eating fish. The blade has a gentle curve towards the tip, allowing the blade to work around the delicate ribs with a flick of the wrist. Overall, the knife has a length of 10 inches with the blade making up 5 inches. As always, 440C is the the steel of choice.

"Deer Hunter Series"
Deer Hunter Series Knife - Red StandFor years people have asked John when he is going to come out with a hunting knife. Here it is: The Deer Hunter. Made with 440c stainless steal, this blade is perfect for the Midwest deer hunter. It is a compact, heavy duty knife with an overall length of 7 3/16"; a cutting blade of 3 ¼"; and a thickness of over 1/8". As always, it comes with its own sheath with belt loop.

Many fillet knives on the market today are made with a thin handle that is difficult for some users to control. Minnesota Fillet Knife handles are designed with the user in mind; designed to be ergonomically correct. The handles’ silky smooth contour is comfortable and easy to control when cleaning a large amount of fish.

The handles are created from a variety of native MN hardwoods, including Oak, Cherry and Maple. However, the material preferred most by MN Fillet Knife is the Dymondwood™, a polycarbonate composite material that uses a super-strength resin to join the layers of dried wood stock. By using Dymondwood™ we are able to create a handle that is:

  • Beautiful
  • Nearly indestructible, withstanding years of use and abuse

The solid brass rivets are joined with the handle and blade by a five-ton epoxy, creating a beautiful, strong adhesion of all parts.

Our sheaths are created using a thick 8-9oz. tooling leather for the blade. Each sheath is:

  • Custom branded with the MN Fillet Knife logo
  • Hand sewn
  • Dyed
  • Form-fitted to its knife to create a true custom fillet knife
  • Visit Custom Sheath Engraving for added details